Small and medium sized enterprises are one of the key sectors in building the national economy, and this is what the Business Support and Funding Center is working on by providing a platform for launching women’s ideas and translating it into reality by starting their own business or developing existing ones, in a way that aims on creating valid job opportunities to ensure their integration in the society and their transformation into productive members.


Our Mission:

Support and assist entrepreneurs to achieve success and the growth they are looking for through an integrated system of training, funding and technical support.


Our goals:

1. The development of local economy by providing support and creating the appropriate environment for the establishment and development of small and medium sized enterprises.
2. Promote the culture of self-employment among women and enhance their leadership ideas
3. Participate in reducing unemployment rates and in creating new job opportunities.
4. Encourage and motivate women to create and develop creative and innovative ideas for their projects.


Our Task :

1.Provide appropriate funding opportunities for new and existing female entrepreneurs .

2. Provide technical and advisory support in all stages throughout the project.
3. Design and offer specialized training programs that meet entrepreneurs needs.

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