The Saudi women made great successes in all areas and is today armed with science and knowledge, and determination which leads her to move forward to achieve more and to play the important role assigned to her in the service of society and its development, from here started the idea of the forum, which is an intellectual gathering  that focuses its content on the most important achievements of Saudi women at all levels, beside viewing some of a distinct number of examples and experiences of Saudi women who are successful and reflect their social and practical experiences in a way that motivates and give positive effect , despite the difficulties that may be encountered by these women.  In addition, the forum will be shedding light on women's issues in Saudi Arabia .


The vision :

To pioneer in the development and empowerment of women.


The mission :

Highlight the most important issues related to women  while showcasing their experiences in order to achieve a society that is bursting with exceptional ladies

The forum goals:

1.    Stand on the successful experiences of pioneering national female figures.  
2.    Stimulation and encouragement of similar performance and overcome difficulties.
3.    Bring up Saudi  women's issues to benefit from others experiences in dealing with it.  
4.    Develop  women's concerns to ensure harmony with the practical and humanitarian needs of the society.
5.    Show the bright face of Saudi women and to emphasize their successes.
6.    Develop the creative abilities of women.
7.    Emphasize to all responsible parties the capability of women and their ability to handle her duties and to face future challenges .

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