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  • Q : Does the Fund support existing projects all around the kingdom?
  • Do you require the applicant to have previous experience on how to study and plan the project?
  • What is the value of the loan and is it necessary to have a sponsor for the project owners ?
  • When to start repaying the loan ?
  • What kind of projects that can be funded ?
  • What is meant by Technical Support ?
  • If the project did not reach the expected results, what to do ?
  • Does the fund provides business ideas for the female who is willing to establish a projects ?
  • Does the fund extracted licenses for the Entrepreneur ?
  • How is the initial acceptance of the project ?
  • What is “My Launch” ?
  • Is there a specific time to register in My Launch program ?
  • Is it possible to join "My Launch" for the purpose of gaining experience and training on the feasibility study and planning of a project without the loan ?
  • How is the final acceptance of a project and the starting of the funding process?
  • Can I submit any project idea for support ? or there are specific projects ?
  • Are there projects that are not possible to be supported by the Fund ?
  • What is the maximum financial support that can be obtained ?
  • What is the minimum of financial support that can be obtained?
  • When to start repaying the loan ? and what is the time spent in repayment ?
  • Does the amount of the monthly payment change with the change of the loan’s amount? premium change the value of the loan ?
  • When does the lady get the first installment of the loan ?
  • If the lady was unable to pay during one month ,what can be done?
  • How can I join as a member at Princess Jawaher Bint Nayef Studies and Research Center?
  • What are the main topics addressed by the Women's Electronic Library?
  • Can I publish my research online through your web site ?
  • Does the training include the Center's services ?
  • What are center’s main achievements?

Support center